Limited Warranty

Your PUC ™ product is warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 180 days from the date of original retail purchase from an authorized PUC dealer. If a defect exists, Zivix, at its option will (1) repair the product at no charge using new or refurbished parts, (2) exchange the product with a functional equivalent product that is new or refurbished, or (3) refund the original purchase price. This does not mean you can abuse your PUC and expect warranty service. We do not cover normal wear and tear, scratches, cracks from mis-use, bent or broken midi-port, theft or loss. This warranty excludes damages resulting from abuse, accident, modifications, or other causes that are not defects in materials and workmanship. Customization of your product will void your warranty.

Any recovery is limited to the original purchase price. No other person is authorized to modify this limited warranty. Your seller is responsible for any other applicable warranties.

This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may have other rights that vary by state and jurisdiction. These rights shall not be affected by this limited warranty. This warranty cannot be transferred or assigned.

To obtain warranty service, contact Zivix, using the information provided at www.mipuc.com. Proof of purchase is required to verify eligibility.

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