Easily integrates to Audio Editing Apps & Editing Workstations without cords.

Believe it or not, computers had serial ports to which you connected MIDI interfaces. Then came USB, then Thunderbolt, then Lightning ... Coming soon: USB-C & Thunderbolt-2.

Your favorite Audio Software is running on smaller devices with few connections. With puc+, you future proof your MIDI Controllers and save money on obsolete cables.

Thanks to Apple's iOS8 & OS X Bluetooth MIDI connectivity, PUC+ is Ultra fast transmitting multiple connections at once.

It's not only what you want to transmit IN...but what you might want to transmit OUT. The 5-pin MIDI port Switches from input to output in seconds, delivering IN/OUT via puc+ USB.

PUC+ Wireless MIDI In Detail

Puc+ easily integrates to Audio Editing & Editing Workstations without cords. Once you experience the liberation from specialty MIDI & USB cables and adapters you'll wonder why you tolerated the hassle of wires for so long.

Your favorite USB-MIDI or 5-pin MIDI controllers can wirelessly connect to apps and DAW's on your iPhone, Ipad, or Mac with this easy-to-use device. Puc+ then sees MIDI Activity on the 5-pin port or USB port and converts it to Bluetooth MIDI.

Your iOS 8.2+ enabled iPhone, iPad, or Mac running Yosemite recognizes the puc+ as an available MIDI device for your apps or DAW. It is literally that easy...

It's feature loaded & ready for the future
  • Sends MIDI directly to your app or workstation...Making 5-pin cables & USBs obsolete
  • Benefits from Apple's Bluetooth MIDI connectivity, prioritizing incoming & outgoing MIDI messages
  • Give each MIDI controller a PUC+ & simultaneously connect all to your iPhone, iPad, or Mac
  • Bluetooth MIDI connectivity so fast & stable you'll be happy to "cut the cord".
  • Powered by two AA batteries that can also supply power (300 mA) to most portable USB MIDI controllers
  • PUC+ supports BOTH traditional 5-Pin DIN and USB, so it can connect to all of your MIDI gear
  • Delivers MIDI IN & OUT via USB port. The 5-pin MIDI port can be switched from an input to an output in software
  • PUC+ easily covers 30 to 40 feet in its transmission range
  • Saves you money on the newest, latest connection port cables

Dimensions: 3" x 3" x 1.2"

Weight: 4.3 oz

Power: 2 AA bateries included or via USB input

USB I/O: Simultaneous MIDI IN and OUT via USB dependent on application, 300 mA supplied from puc+ to USB device

Play time on full batteries: Over 7 hours of continuous use

Indicators: Transmission, Connection, Power LED

Connectors: Micro USB, 5-pin DIN MIDI

Device Compatibility: Macs with OS X Yosemite & Bluetooth 4.0 compliant, iPad 3+ on iOS 8.1, iPhone 4S+ on iOS 8.1

MIDI: Bluetooth MIDI, USBMIDI, connect to COREMIDI iOS apps, and popular DAWS

Finish: ABS black plastic

Certifications: FCC, CE

Manufacturing: Made in USA